KR38R PRO Plugin

DigiTrax AI Releases KR38R PRO:  A Patented AI Music Production Tool

Human+AI Collaboration Enhances Workflow and Sonic Exploration

KNOXVILLE, Tenn—November 21, 2023—DigiTrax AI announces the release of its first artificial intelligence (AI) music production software plugin tool KR38R PRO (”Creator”).  Using DigiTrax’s seven patents in artificial intelligence music composition, the tool gives music producers endless hyper-realistic compositional capabilities instantly, while maintaining complete control over their productions. 

“In a world where 120,000 songs flood streaming services daily, KR38R PRO is a force multiplier, enabling creators to craft top-tier music with unmatched efficiency. Just as CGI transformed visuals, KR38R PRO revolutionizes sound,” affirms Joe Vangieri, DigiTrax AI’s CEO.

The culmination of seven years of refining human-AI collaboration, KR38R PRO utilizes music theory—the language of songwriters and musicians. Parameters like key, chord sequence, beats per bar, and more prompt the composition engine, providing instantaneous creative possibilities. Compatible with leading digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, and FL Studio, KR38R PRO integrates into existing workflows.

Offered as a tiered subscription service, KR38R PRO also has add-on downloadable STUDIO and SOUND PACKS featuring full session files, instruments, sounds, MIDI, and presets for Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, and Country genres. These utilities empower creators to produce complete songs efficiently.

KR38R PRO marks the beginning of a series of releases harnessing DigiTrax AI’s patented music technology. Additional products, catering to established artists, music stakeholders, and entertainment technophiles, are slated for release in 2023 and 2024.

About DigiTrax AI

DigiTrax AI is a music technology company that uses artificial intelligence to develop new ways of creating and experiencing music. The company has developed a patented AI process that leverages evolutionary algorithms trained on music theory as the key innovation of the KR38R platform. The platform leverages AI for new music creation and to help artists and music labels unlock additional value from existing content. DigiTrax AI is currently participating in the NVIDIA Inception (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) AI Partner Programs.